of spitalfields

stained glass

fine art

lthough stained glass is an artistic passion of mine it is just one of many others. The attraction in glass for me is colour, and how it is refracted in different light.

I am drawn to the curves and movements of both the glass and the lead and find myself using glass which is both highly textured and plain giving greater contrast to the overall work. I enjoy the design process and get my inspiration from shapes and colours I encounter daily.I have been designing and making glass objects for over ten years and each window or panel I create is a work of art.

My other artistic pursuits include photography, painting and linocut. I spent two years taking pictures in Trafalgar Square - many of those photos were shown on the previous incarnation of lalalondon and I plan to bring some of those images back here in the future if there is space.

I am so fortunate to live in East London where I am constantly surprised and excited by the street art. I like to indulge in a bit of night-time tagging myself and Lillie the Dog is a keen participant when I head out with my images and glue pot to have my little say in these bewildering times.

If you are spending some time in London then Spitalfields is a great place to visit. There are themed markets every day and I'm sure you'll find something of interest.

  • Old Spitalfields Market : London E1
  • tube & mainline : Liverpool Street
  • themed markets every day